I'm Muhammed Furkan AYDIN,

I started working as a front-end developer in the beginning of 2013 and over the years, I have worked as a front-end developer and a designer, as well as a back-end developer. I have been involved in a multitude of different projects in different areas, including areas as 3D visualization platform, Nodejs and Mongodb based e-commerce project and SaaS project.

Contact Info
What i know ?
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • LESS
  • C/C++ (Not professional)
  • SQL
My recent works


Senior Developer
Housepecker is an AI powered and cloud based 3D modeling software.
  • Writing Ecmascript 6 for front-end development using Vuejs and Vuex freamworks.
  • Using WEBGL creating 3D Modeling Platform
  • Using Service Worker to create offline first app.
  • Writing LESS for developing user interface.
  • Making bundle file using webpack.
  • Writing back-end with Golang, mysql and mongodb
  • Server managing and security


Front-End Developer
Socialgin started as a startup project. The aim of socialgin was to make a smarter social media management app that is smarter than what we have now.Most apps won’t support real time queries, emotion analyze and most of them do not have satisfying graphs. I am developing socialgin using HTML 5, CSS 3, ReactJS and Redux JS.
  • Writing Ecmascript 6 for front-end development using ReactJS and ReduxJS freamworks.
  • Using websockets and managing relations.
  • Writing LESS for developing user interface.
  • Making bundle file using webpack.

Community Inviter

Full Stack Developer
Automated way of increasing users slack community members. Users can get join request and ask them some questions with this project.
  • Creating user interface with css3 and vanillajs
  • Making back-end with nodejs and mongodb.
  • Making plugin apps for users.
  • I create my slack sdk and i used in this project.

Help To Share

Front-End Developer
A startup project I made in high school. In this project, users manage all facebook groups thay have. We got 10.000+ active user but Facebook didnt like this and API removed from Facebook.
  • Wring front-end development using Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Connection to facebook and getting data.
  • Sharing all facebook groups in piece by piece and every single sharing has rondom time, rondom content because of facebook securety.